ISIS fighter tries RPG attack on coalition forces, blows himself up instead

Thankfully this ISIS fighter was killed. ISIS fighters were brutal people who did horrible things to everybody, including innocent men, women and children. The saddest thing is that most of the ISIS fighters were volunteers from all over the world, many without ever having fighting experience before. It’s so scary to think that “normative” people just left their lives to kill in the name of a dangerous genocidal ideology. The victims of ISIS was anyone who disagreed with the Islamic philosphy of ISIS. Non-Muslims were not the only victims of ISIS, but Muslims were actually one of the biggest victims at the hand of their fellow Muslim ISIS members. There are plenty of sects within Islam, and any group that did not adhere to the strict interpretations of the Koran according to ISIS was effected, and many times killed.

Now that ISIS has been beaten in the Middle East, these brutal ISIS fighters are infiltrating back to the West, to their countries of origin, a very scary reality for all of us.

ISIS is a theocracy, proto-state that promotes religious violence, and regards Muslims who do not agree with its interpretations, as infidels or apostates. ISIS’ philosophy is represented by the symbolism in the Black Standard variant of the legendary battle flag of Prophet Muhammad that it has adopted: the flag shows the Seal of Muhammad within a white circle, with the phrase above it, “There is no god but Allah”. Such symbolism has been said to point to it’s belief that it represents the restoration of the caliphate of early Islam, with all the political, religious and eschatological ramifications that this would imply.

According to some observers, ISIS emerged from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, the first post-Ottoman Islamist group dating back to the late 1920s in Egypt. It adheres to global jihadist principles and follows the hard-line ideology of al-Qaeda and many other modern-day jihadist groups. However, other sources trace the group’s roots to Wahhabism.

Published: February 6, 2018
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