Israel 4REAL

Experience Israel from the Ben-Gurion Airport with a Go-Pro on this amazing photo-journalist’s forehead.
Ty Towriss captures the entire country in quick snapshots.  He travels from Eilat in the South to the Hermon at Israel’s northern tip.

This quick snapshot of a video should captures the deep heart of a person who felt compelled to return to the land whose heart beats. His dream is to one day produce a video series on Israel.  One that will expand on the many reasons why people are so drawn to the Holy Land.

The people of Israel

One thing that sets apart Ty from others is that he knows how to get beneath the surface of a country.  He understands well that to truly get a sense of a country, you need to meet the people.  It’s not sufficient to get on a tour bus and follow a tour guide.  You can’t just hope for some chance encounters with the locals.  In order to truly get a sense of any country, you have to walk the streets and communicate with a variety of locals over and over.  Ty does this well with his engaging smile and winning personality.

Experience Israel

He also gets it that a person needs to roll up their sleeves and do what the locals do.  Touristy places may be fun – but they often do not reflect the reality of life of a country.  Some of his best clips are in the shuk – the marketplace of Jerusalem, and in an elevator near the Hermon.  But, his sum-up in the end is the best. He emotionally ends his trip with a clear connection to the Holy Land.  Ty serves as a very real example of what so many experience when they visit.



Published: March 20, 2017
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