Israel and apartheid South Africa have more in common than you think

Born and raised in New Orleans, Chloé had never visited Africa, the motherland of her ancestors. But as an Israel activist, Chloé knew the deep connection indigenous peoples have with their homeland. Visiting the continent for the first time, Chloé finds a place to belong and a people who have survived against the odds and the injustices.

Chloé spends her trip to South Africa learning about the history, people and culture, dancing with the children of South Africa, soaking up the savanna, and connecting – not only to the land her family came from – but connecting to herself.

Israel and South Africa are two homelands, two motherlands, both home to indigenous peoples. When the Jewish nation formed the Jewish state, it did so against all odds – much like the people of South Africa.

Chloé explores the history and heroism that built two very different – yet surprisingly similar – motherlands, each the heart and refuge of people fighting to survive in the face of oppression and bigotry. The Jews rising up after the Holocaust and the South Africans overcoming the injustice of apartheid – these are people who rose up against formidable obstacles to fulfill impossible dreams, to achieve self empowerment and provide an example to the world.

Coming home to South Africa not only gives Chloé greater perspective on herself, but on the other home of her heart – Israel.

The stories of the peoples of both Israel and South Africa are rife with persecution and struggle. But when the motherland calls to us, it changes everything.

Published: September 14, 2017
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