Israel Assassinates Hamas Naval Commander With Direct Hit on Terrorist Vehicle

No one in Israel wants war. Not the eighteen year-old boys who are drafted into the army for three long years, not the husbands and fathers who have been drafted on a moment’s notice into service without know how long they’ll be away from their homes and families (and jobs), and not he wives and children of the men who have been drafted who have become single parent families trying to manage as best they can until “abba” (daddy) returns.
There are more Israelis who don’t want war. Those are the inhabitants of Sderot, the Beir Tuvia regional council, Ashkelon, Ashdon, Kiryat Malachi, Beer Sheva, Kiryat Gat and countless other cities and regions who have been spending hours in bomb shelters. They have been unable to send their children to camp or to childcare because leaving the house and the nearby shelter is so unsafe. Some of these families have also sent their fathers and husbands to the battlefront and are praying for them to return home safely.
There is really no-one in Israel who wants war. The poloticians don’t want war, the civilians don’t want war, the soldiers don’t want war, the mothers and children don’t want war. And thus, Hamas has been allowed to cross all the red lines. To shoot missiles into the heart of civilian populations, to bomb and kidnap and kill and destroy. There is no country who would not have immediately put an end to it. But Israel seeks peace. So the mothers wait The children and the soldiers wait. The fathers and the elderly grandparents wait. And wait. Until the government decides that we can wait no more. And then there is war. But let this war be the last war. May this be the war that brings peace.


Published: July 8, 2014
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