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Israel for Me – No Place Like Home

Every person has their unique way that they relate to Israel. Some connect to it’s people and their culture, others are wowed by it’s small size and there are those who simply call her home.

There is no place like home.

What does Israel Mean to You?

To create this video, various people were asked – “What does Israel mean to you?” This helped understand what Israel is to them and then share the display with you. Watch this mosaic of a video clip for a creative, unique and inclusive experience of Israel.

If one were to ask a person outside of Israel, they will probably say that Israel means the heart of the Jewish people.  Others will say that Israel signifies the ultimate destiny of the Jewish people.  People with a more historical understanding will often focus on how Israel represents the culmination of Jewish history.

However, if any young Israeli travels around the world, and someone asks them about life in Israel, they will usually say, Israel is my home.

No place like home

Many Israeli children love Israel because they love their family.  In Israel, the family unit tends to be very large and very strong.  Perhaps that is what draws so many people back to the Land of Israel – their warm homes.

Published: August 2, 2018
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This video has 238 votes