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Israel More Than Just A Place – A Way of Life

Israel is more then just a place. It’s a people, a culture, a way of life, and so much more.

If one would ask ten Israelis to elaborate on what defines their way of life in Israel, one would receive many different answers.

For one person, it would be the close-knit family. For another, it would be the sanctity of the Land. Yet for others, it would be the atmosphere of hi-tech innovation. Without a question, others would focus on their religious activities.

Israel is so multi-faceted that the way of life in Israel is uniquely different for any two people on the street.

Variety of Cultures

From tens of nations and cultures, modern Israel is now one unique amalgam of a modern culture.  The ingathering of the exiles brought along with it a salad of foreign cultures that all make up Israel’s essence today.  Israel’s modern culture fuses old and new.  It is a culture in which people live peacefully with one another, yet compete for the essential soul of the country.

This will not change.  The old is here to stay.  The new is not going anywhere either.  The only question is how do we fuse the two ways of life into one reality.  In the coming decades, many more Jews will immigrate to the Land of Israel.  To a large extent, they will determine the future character of the State of Israel.


Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 342 votes