Israel Straight Talk #112: Israelis Love Iranians!

Did you know that before the radical Islamist regime of the Ayatolah’s in Iran, that Israel and Iran were close allies? and that Israel was a partner in the development of Iran in various industries? Iranians and Israelis had much in common, here in the Middle East, and they still do – including the joint desire of Iran to rid itself of the radical rule of the Ayatolahs. Israelis don’t have a problem with Iranians. The Israeli Governemnt has a problem with the Ayatolahs of Iran who want nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Israel, as a country, has every right to do what is necessary against Iran to defend itself from Iran’s destructive intentions. With that said, Israel and Israelis still prefer to not have to bomb Iran at all, but if that is what is necessary to defend ourselves from their radical Islamist regime, then that is Israel’s right, as the right of any country to defend itself.

Published: March 27, 2012
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