Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Jewish People. Here are the facts.

Why is it that something as simple as a Jew mumbling some words of prayer at the Holy Spot can lead to massive and violent Islamic riots? Maybe the extreme over sensitivity can be traced to the simple fact that Muslims really have no claim to the Temple Mount at all. As is true in so many instances on the Temple Mount, Islamic extremists (with the support of the entire Arab world) use violence to avoid addressing the facts – facts that are clearly not sympathetic to their cause.

And another paradox. Do you know that the Quran writes that when Mohammad strategized to convert the Jews of Medina (yes, it was a Jewish city before Mohammad was even born, and Islam even began!), he had converted Muslims pray towards Jerusalem, since it was the Holy Place of the Jews! After he failed to convert the Jews, and instead Mohammad massacred them, he then created the Holy place to be in Mecca with Muslims praying with their behinds facing Jerusalem.

Published: February 12, 2017
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