Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any more deranged…

WARNING: Graphic Language

The comparisons between Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler and Republican President Donald Trump — which began after the commander in chief first announced his run for office in 2015 — show no signs of lessening now that he’s in office.

Mass hysteria is a kind of delusion that fits well with people who consider themselves “victims.” This virulent form of Trump hate is easy to promote, given that left wingers are comfortable with the “victim” label and can’t imagine life without it. But the reality is, a reasonable person would give the new president a chance to prove his detractors right or wrong. Unfortunately, reason has left the building along time ago….

They’ve reduced the Holocaust to a meme. They have used and abused the greatest crime in history to underscore their contempt for Trump, comparing him to Hitler, talking of his travel ban in the same breath as the Nazi’s persecution of Jews, warning darkly that “we know how this ends.” In the process, they’ve “relativized” the Holocaust. They’ve normalized it. They have dented its gravity and uniqueness by presenting it as a routine, recurring feeling in history that currently finds expression in “Trumpism.” They have turned the extermination of Europe’s Jews into an exclamation mark to their angst over Trump, and that is unforgivable.

The Holocaust abusers don’t seem to realize what a dangerous game they’re playing. Holocaust relativism has long been a key ingredient of Holocaust denial. The insane hysteria coming from the left is adding fuel to that fire.

Published: February 15, 2017
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