Kent State professor openly supports Jihad, Keeps his Job

It seems that despite the obvious evidence that Julio Pino is pro-jihad and pro-terrorism, everyone is afraid to confront him on it. After his conversion to Islam in 2000, Pino began writing his pro-terror propaganda in 2002, kicking off by calling a female suicide bomber in Israel a “shining star.” Pino’s “shining star” was Wafa Idris, a volunteer for the Palestinian Red Crescent. She bypassed Israeli security by entering Jerusalem in a Red Crescent ambulance, killing one innocent bystander and injuring over 100.
Since then, Pino has continued to write in support of terror and Jihad attacks on his facebook page, and for a pro-Al-Qaeda website named Global War. It’s kind of hard to miss the facts. Yet, close to a decade and a half later, Kent State University in Ohio hasn’t managed to assimilate this information or decide how to respond. So, Pino also continues to serve as a history professor at Kent State College. Could there be another reason that Kent State is hesitant to remove Dr. Pino from its faculty list?

Published: July 26, 2017
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