MANY Jewish Brides Choose THIS Song For Their Walk Down The Aisle

This song is just one stanza of a liturgical song used to welcome in the Sabbath every Friday evening.
“Come in peace, Crowning glory of your husband,
Come with joy and elation
Among those who believe, the Chosen People,
Come O bride, Come O bride.”
This last stanza has been adapted to weddings and is usually sung as the bride approaches the wedding canopy or is already beneath it with her groom. There is something truly poignant about these words, describing the bride as “a crown of glory” and emphasizing the internal beauty of this very special woman who has chosen to build a home together with the groom. The words and the scenario are not surprising. Judaism respects and cherishes the Jewish home and regards women as the fundamental builders of this special dwelling.

Enjoy the unbelievably beautiful rendition sung by the superstar Gad Elbaz.

Published: January 4, 2015
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