Mark Levin Shreds Jon Stewart’s Pro-Hamas Statements: ‘Have You Ever F’ing Seen Israel, You Little Twerp?’

Johen Leibowitz – whoops! Stewart doesn’t seem to get it. He thinks that it’s unfair that the Israelis are warning the Azza residents of missiles that they’ll be sending in a more primitive way than they warn Israeli citizens of Hamas sent missiles. If Israel didn’t have such a high ethical code of war maybe people would begin to understand that this such inconceivable expectations of Israel is not real. No army in the world fights this way.
Micky, a father of three combat soldiers fighting in Gaza writes, ” It is impossible to live among murderers whose only objective is to kill, and don’t even care if and how many Muslims are also killed in the process… A missile is fired, explodes and is done. There is a beginning and an end to it. A terror tunnel, on the other hand, is an ongoing situation. The fear itself can drive a person crazy. No normal country would permit it. No country can survive when the earth beneath its feet is unstable.”

So who will keep the middle east sane?

Published: July 19, 2014
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