Matisyahu Live at Stubbs II Trailer

Matisyahu’s music is so unique. He mixes reggae and Jewish themes with his amazing beat into a perfect blend of music. It is impossible to not dance when you hear his music.

Matisyahu is considered to be one of the pre-eminent Jewish American reggae singers today. The first one of his songs that truly made it big was “King Without a Crown” back in 2005.

However, my personal favorite of his is “One Day.”

Unique Brand of Music

Matisyahu also adds rap, beatboxing, and hip-hop into his mix of music. One of the more interesting aspects of Matisyahu’s songs are the fact that he often tosses in some Hebrew and Yiddish into the mix.

In 2006, he said, “All of my songs are influenced and inspired by the teachings that inspire me. I want my music to have meaning, to be able to touch people and make them think. Chassidus teaches that music is ‘the quill of the soul.’ Music taps into a very deep place and speaks to us in a way that regular words can’t.”

He has not stuck to one path throughout his life. He has gone up and down in observance of Jewish lore. Some of his music creation reflects this. Perhaps one day, Matisyahu will come home to Jerusalem, a place he has called his home.

Published: January 31, 2011
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