Meet Israel’s unstoppable gymnastic star

She can jump. She can dive. She can leap really high in a single bound. She

may not be Superwoman, but this Israeli gymnast is a champion. Linoy

Ashram has been training since she was a child, and has advanced

incredibly. Her skill and ability have enabled Linoy to succeed, and her

motivation has enabled her to excel. Yet all that changed when Linoy

Ashram suffered a leg injury, and required surgery. You’d think that would

keep her down. But no, it did not. Her determination brought her back to

the gym. Not a year later. Not six months post surgery. Not a month after

going under the knife. But a day later. That’s right, Linoy returned to

train 24 hours after surgery! If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have

strength and want to give up, just think about what she did. It wasn’t

easy for Linoy, and it probably hurt like heck, but she returned to the

gym, and went on to win!

Should Israel be proud of its young athletes?

Some will say that its better for people to not focus on physical prowess but more on spiritual pursuits.

However, the Jewish view on physical activity is actually very positive.

Part of the fulfillment of the prophecy of returning to the Land of Israel is the prophecy of dry bones coming back to life in the Land of Israel.

Generally, this is understood to mean that the nation that is basically dormant for so many generations will come back to life and vitality when they return to the Land.

However, this can also mean that the Jewish people in the exile who have been downtrodden and disconnected from anything but the spiritual, will undergo a revitalization of everything that is connected to the physical.

That means a deep connection to the Land, but also to the idea of living a healthy physical life in the Land.

Published: February 4, 2018
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