Millions will die because we refuse to learn from our past

Who does not want peace? We all want peace! But, unfortunately, history teaches us that in every generation there are those who not only do NOT want peace, but they want to destroy and murder. While it is sickening to fathom, it actually makes perfect sense, because it is directly tied to the psyche of man. The natural instinct of man is to have power and control. Each one of us has personal struggles trying to be humble, trying to give others credit, trying to be a team player. But it isn’t always easy, and we don’t always succeed. Now translate that to world leaders. Some world leaders understand that to best benefit their country, peace and partnerships with other countries is the best way. However, there are always some leaders who want to be conquerors, who want to get rid of their adversaries, whether internal or external. These leaders will do anything to achieve their power-hungry goals.

Yes, we want to strive for peace. BUT, it won’t happen by ignoring the evil that actually exists around us. We can only achieve true peace by recognizing the evil and stopping it first, then peace will come. Interestingly enough, the defeat of the Nazis and Japan are the best example. It was only after the Nazis and the Japanese were utterly destroyed that an era of many decades of peace followed in Europe and Japan.

Published: August 9, 2017
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