The most comprehensive video ever on why Israel must have defensible borders

Israel is a small country with many enemy countries around it’s borders. To the north and northeast of Israel, Lebanon and Syria present a massive missile threat. To the south, Egypt presents a formidable army despite major economic struggles. But, the Hamas, on Israel’s south-western border, presents the most annoying strategic threat close to many of Israel’s population centers.

Rockets in the North and South

The Middle East is imploding in waves of violence whose impact has reached Israel.

To the north, radical Islamists in Syria linked to both the Islamic State and al-Qaeda approach Israel’s border on the Golan Heights.  They also threaten Jordan as well which could be a game-changer. At the same time, Iran sends thousands of rockets to the Hizbullah in Lebanon to again attack Israeli cities.  The missiles contain  very accurate guidance systems that could present a major challenge to the Israeli Army.

To the south, the Islamic State is in Sinai, threatening both Israel and Egypt. At the same time, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza work feverishly, with Iranian assistance, to rebuild their rocket capabilities.  Their goal is clear –  renew attacks on Israel at their time of choice.

The Threat from the East

To the east, Israel faces an array of potential threats from hostile forces.  These include the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, pro-Iranian Shi’ite militias, and radical Islamist terror armies.  Most importantly, the entire country of Jordan is not a superpower.  Israel always needs to be careful that Iraq or another radical Islamic entity does not take over the rather moderate Arab country.

Israel must have defensible borders to protect itself against a broad range of current and future threats from radical Islamist forces.

Published: May 9, 2016
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