Muslim migrant in Belgium caught on tape attacking Jews, ripping down Mezuzahs

Anti-Semitism in Belgium is getting worse. Now, you can see it as it happened.

Watch these horrible incidents in broad daylight.

It is clear that any Jewish symbol is a target for these anti-semites.

Belgium does not exist in a vacuum.

Many of these European countries are experiencing a steep rise in anti-semitism.

France is clearly the country dealing with a steep rise in anti-semitism.

But, Brussels and Antwerp are now targets that are becoming more and more common for anti-semites.

What drives anti-semitism

For generations, historians and social scientists have analyzed this.

There is no one answer that everyone can agree on.

Often, people accuse the Jewish people for being communists.  Other times, people accuse the Jewish people of being capitalists.

Yet in other situations,  anti-Semites call Jews anarchists.  Now today, anti-Semites call Israel imperialists.  They mean the Jews.

The common denominator of all of these is a general hatred of anything that is Jewish.

Some of this is clearly due to nurture.  Most of the Muslim population in the Middle East and Europe hates Jews.  Hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people fills the textbooks and mosques.

However, there are locations in the world, that barely have a handful of Jews living there, yet anti-semitism festers over there.

This leads to the conclusion that anti-semitism is somehow a built-in international trait.   that is driven by some unreasonable forces – perhaps even Godly forces.

Taking Responsibility

Does that absolve any anti-Semite for any anti-Semitic actions?  Definitely not.

But, it may give us a hint at the seemingly hidden yet powerful drive to do harm to clearly innocent people.

Anti-Semitism in Belgium is just one example.  But, like in so many other countries,  people blame Jews whenever the economy dips.

Many of these immigrants are illegal.  Many of them are suffering financially.

Most of the Jews are actually doing quite well in Belgium.

Does that justify anti-Semitism.  Of course not.

But, let’s say it like it is.

A big driving force is simple pure jealousy.

When people take responsibility and stop blaming others, the world will be a better place to live in.






Published: February 20, 2018
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