Muslim student sets fire to University, recruits for Al-Qaeda

Some people might claim that this is another example of Islamophobia. But a phobia is something that is irrational. As you’ll see according to this report, this fear is in fact rational. Because this Muslim student wanted to build a bomb. Below is a partial transcript of a video commentary on this chilling incident. For more details, watch the video.

Chilling Transcript

“You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb, because I would have done that,”  Tnuza Jamal Hassan, a Muslim student, allegedly told investigators. Hassan faces charges for trying to leave the country to join Al Qaeda, trying to recruit two classmates, and setting fire to nine university buildings, including a day care center, which contained thirty-three kids.  But what delusional ramblings did she tell investigators, and how many years can she face in prison – let’s find out. Tnuza Jamal Hassan as a student at Minnesota catholic school, St. Catherine’s university, where she majored in English, which is rather surprising, given her fervent hatred for the United States. Hassan told authorities she set the fires as her own jihad, in retaliation for the alleged misconduct of US military forces in Muslim lands. She (hoped the fires would) kill innocent people, but sprinkler systems fortunately put them out. Hassan attempted to reach Afghanistan last September to join Al Qaeda, but got stopped in Dubai because she lacked the visa to go any further. While visas don’t stop illegal aliens from working, but I guess we should be grateful that they at least stop wannabee terrorists.

Transcript Continued…

Hassan faces up to 48 years in prison and is being held on bail of $100,000.  But the Minneapolis United States attorney’s office says the prospective jihadi presents an extraordinary danger to the community, and a significant risk of flight, and therefore should remain in custody pending trial. She’ll be in court on February 28. Well, let’s hear what a St. Catherine’s university student has to say. ‘I understand wanting to have your voice heard, but that’s definitely not the right way to do it. And the fact that she did, like, say she intended to hurt people, I think that’s not the right way to go about it at all’.”

Islamophobia and the status of colleges in the United States

For some time, colleges have taken a wrong turn. They used to be places of intellectual pursuit and academic achievement.   Yet in recent times, they have become places that espouse anti-Israel ideology and violent anti-Israel protest. College students denounce Islamophobia.  The campuses are against violence.  They support safe spaces. However, all too often these liberal “educational facilities” allow for attacks on people who think differently. And we’ve seen another extreme, where a violent Muslim wanted to build. What is happening to college campuses? Where are they heading? They should focus on academics promoting the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  All the haters can stay home.

Published: February 19, 2018
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