Muslim terrorist stabs Jew to death in Samaria

The city of Ariel is the largest city in Samaria, home to thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and thousands of Israeli-born citizens.

The city hosts thousands of students who flock to the University of Ariel every day to study.

Despite the excellent public transportation in the city, many are forced to wait or lifts on the roads in order to travel home.

This man, killed in cold blood in broad daylight by a Muslim terrorist lived in a village called Har Bracha, a village with scarce public transportation around 30 minutes from the scene of the attack.

The terrorists will continue to fight, but the Jewish people in the Land of Israel will dig deeper and deeper and not give in to the forces of evil that are polluting the world with their venom and terror.

The motive for the murder is typically pure Muslim fanatic anti-Semitism.

However, an additional cause for these attacks is the fact that Arabs are not that fearful of being imprisoned.

Many of the most horrible perpetrators of murder against Israelis were freed in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.

In the prisoner exchange deal, Israel freed 1,027 prisoners in order to bring back Gilad Shalit.

Although this was a popular move at the time, it is definitely being questioned now by many due to the numerous attacks that Israel has been enduring since the exchange in 2011.

A staggering number of 280 of the freed terrorists had been sentenced to life in prison for their roles in various attacks against Israelis.

One of the leaders of Israel’s enemy, the Hamas, military leader Ahmed Jabari claimed that the Arab prisoners who were exchange for Gilad Shalit were responsible for the killing of 569 Israelis.

Gilad Shalit returning to Israel from captivity

We will see whether or not this terrorist was one of those who was freed in the exchange.

Published: February 5, 2018
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