Muslim stone-throwers attack Jewish worshipers, police on the Temple Mount

The Ramadan Holiday has long been used as an excuse for violence against the Jewish People. How much more so on the holiest spot to World Jewry – the Temple Mount, where both the first and second Temples stood for over eight hundred years.

Could anyone imagine the Vatican allowing Arabs to riot in or near the Vatican? Has anyone ever conjured up the thought of Jews being allowed to travel to Mecca, the holiest place for Muslims?

for some reason, Jews in Israel are held to a completely different standard as far as sensitivities to other religions. However, the time will come when the Jewish people will indeed rebuild the 3rd temple. The yearning is more than 2,000 years old, and is as real and alive today as it was in the years following the Roman destruction of the 2nd Temple.

Published: June 27, 2016
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