Netanyahu Gives Trump the Best Thank You Ever from a World Leader at Davos

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

An amazing ‘thank you’ for powerful words of support for Israel from President Trump, and for an EPIC ultimatum to Abbas and the “palestinian” Arab leadership.

Never before has a US President spoken like this before the leadership of the Arabs who call themselves “palestinians”. Finally the world has a leader with the dignity to deal with reality and say the things that need to be said! His epic ultimatum to them is at the end, but even before his ultimatuc, President Trump says things that should have been said decades ago, but were never uttered.

A fabulous way to internalize how historic President Trump’s words were, just look at the facial expressions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli PM, while wanting to scream those same sentiments for years, never did, because the world never wanted to hear the truth, the truth that the palestinian Arabs are always the one to say NO to every single peace deal ever offered; the truth that the world gives them billions and billions of dollars, yet is not sincerely interested in peace; the truth that the palestinian Arabs disrespect the USA in countless ways, yet continue to receive billions of dollars in aid. These are truths that are so clear to every person with a brain, yet world leaders preferred to ignore all this, and Netanyahu knew that even if he would harp on them, he would be ignored and be labeled the “obstacle” to peace. True Orwellianism at work. Yet finally we have a world leader able to say the truth! Able to formulate foreign policy based on reality and not on fantasy. Basic governance that should be taken for granted, yet has escaped the world for decades, until Donald Trump becomes President of the USA.

Don’t miss hearing President’s Trumps EPIC words here.

We only hope and pray that President Trump follows through on this ultimatum of his. The game is up. They should no longer be allowed to fool the world about how they want peace, yet they support terrorism and terrorists, and yet still receive billions of dollars in international aid. As the saying goes ‘fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice shame on me’. Well humanity has been ‘fooled’ countless of times, and world leaders have become embarresments. Finally we have President Trump.

Thank you President Trump!

Published: January 26, 2018
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