Netanyahu Has a Message For the American People that Obama Completely Ignored

To the West, Islamic State is currently the biggest threat to stability. The real threat, however, is Iran, with or without nuclear weapons. Iran is threatened by IS but they still threaten Israel and US interests. It is only a matter of how much of a threat Iran poses and with a nuclear Iran it exponentially increases. Many say that Iran has not initiated a war in over 200 years but they are constantly sabre-rattling. Why, then, is Obama and the rest of the world’s leaders negotiating on Iran’s nuclear program?

The Iranian claim that they want nuclear ability for peaceful means and many accept this. Israel does not. The Iranians have several secret nuclear sites that they will not allow to be inspected. If they want nuclear power then why all the secrecy? Again, if all they want is nuclear power, contract a foreign power to build and maintain the power stations. Afterall, this is a lot quicker, cheaper, and safer than running your own experiments.

Under Ahmadinejad Iranian rhetoric against Israel and the West was at an all time high but there has been no reversal of any statement issued by Mr Ahmadinejad, afterall, Ayatollah Khameini is the real power and he authorised all the speeches. During the Ahmadinejad period, Bibi, several times, issued warnings to both Iran and the US that Iran must not get nuclear power and, in the UN, he drew a red line. Fortunately, it does not appear thay Iran got there.

So why appease Iran and not strangle her harder? President Obama, unlike George W Bush, is a much more liberal politician and believes, naively, that Iran is telling the truth. They probably do want nuclear power, but only as a step to gaining nuclear weapons. Once you enrich uranium for power, it is not that hard to enrich further for weapons. This is all a bit of deja vu as another country did the same thing with land in Europe. “Only a this little bit, I promise” is what Hitler said to Chamberlain at the Munich conference. Less than a year later, Europe was engulfed in a war that saw the continent destroyed, and the Jewish people decimated in Europe.

Bibi needs to show Obama what to do. He needs to be more forceful on Iran and get Chancellor Merkel of Germany to support him. Afterall, she claims that Israel is Germany’s closest ally. The relationship needs to pushed ahead of the November deadline in the P5+1 negotiations with Iran. IS may be a threat now, but long term, Iran is the real threat and the real danger to Israel and the West.

Published: March 12, 2017
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