Nikki Haley Bashes Abbas at the United Nations and Exposes Him as a Fraud, Not Interested in Peace

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

After decades of Israel bashing with lie and lie, anti-Israel resolution after resolution, it is so refreshing to hear a country speak to truth, emphasizing that Israel is the only partner truly interested in peace, while it is our enemies, under their Palestinian Autority leadership, who are not interested in peace.

After 100+ years of peace deal after peace deal was shot down by the Arabs, after being offered or accepted by Israel, somehow the leaders of the world, and the journalists, have always blamed Israel for the impasse. It should make everyone wonder why these world leaders and journalists are not doing their job. Are they so uneducated about the facts? Are they truly ignorant? Or do they really just not care about the facts, and for whatever reason, believe that Israel must always be blamed. We have our beliefs of why this is. But, whatever their reasons may be, they have one undeniable flaw to their methodology – by constantly blaming Israel for the impasse, and allowing the Palestinian Authority to get away with murder, literal murder i.e. supporting terror, and never given any consequences for rejecting peace deal after peace deal, the world has taught the leadership of the “palestinian” Arabs that no matter how many times they say no, the world will always be there to blame Israel and pressure Israel for more and more conscessions. Does that make sense to you? Do the Arabs have any incentive to ever make compromises if they know they world will always just pressure Israel? Of course they always say no! Based on this simple logic, one understands that the reason this conflict has lasted this long is at the direct fault of world leaders who have ignored the reality of the terror-supporting, rejectionist leadership of the Arabs, and constant pressure on Israel and the bad guy.

And in walks President Trump, the miracle President, with no political background, who nobody thought would win the Presidency. He is finally leading foreign policy based on reality. He, and his UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, are finally putting the facts on the table that the world leaders have until now ignored.

Finally, a foreign policy based on reality!

Will this lead to the Palestinian Authority finally saying yes to a peace deal? We doubt it, because we know that they have never been interested in peace, ever. For more than 100+ years they have been murdering us, with no connection to the existence of the State of Israel or settlements. Settlements only began after 1967, so why did they never agree to peace before 1967? Another inconvieneint fact that world leaders, and the media, prefer to ignore.

However, this focus on reality, will finally allow the USA and Israel steer our region to a more peaceful and stable existence, since the terror supporting Palestinian Auhority, and Hamas, will have proven themselves irrelevant. Once their irrelevance is established, then the real work towards a peaceful coexistence and stability can begin.

Finally the world has a leadership not ignoring reality and for this we are thankful.

Published: January 26, 2018
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