Obama Gave The Most Ridiculous Speech About The Middle East I Have EVER Heard

A bi-national state in Israel is one of the most ridiculous and impractical ideas ever floated. Two governments running two countries together on the same land? That’s crazy.
However, the concept of an idea of creating a Palestinian State for a fictitious Palestinian people is perhaps even more absurd – it is definitely not based on hard facts. Obama claims that the deepest aspirations of the Palestinian people is for a State. This is pure fiction.
Arabs never have claimed to be Palestinians until they realized that the salami strategy of getting small slivers of land is the best strategy to develop the deepest aspirations of the Arab people, namely, the destruction of the State of Israel. The concept of a unique Palestinian entity is a lie.
Additionally, the demographic argument posed by Obama is similarly based on fiction. The Arab birthrate is going down while the Jewish birthrate is going up. More importantly, more Arabs are leaving the Land of Israel than anybody wants to admit, so time is on Israel’s side in reference to the demographic argument.

Published: September 22, 2016
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