One Million Reasons You Should Love Israel

Israel is place of freedom, happiness, culture and faith. It is a land that fosters intelligent future leaders who dream and seek a world of peace and brotherhood! The dreams of so many children in Israel are so lofty and express the inner beauty of the soul of the people and the Land of Israel. Watch this video and see why so many people simply love Israel!

A Young Country

Shimon Peres defines young and old in an excellent way. A person who dreams more than he remembers is young. A person who remembers more than he dreams is old. With this definition, Israel is a very young country.  70 years is indeed not a long time for any country.  However, Israel is distinctly young in that so much of what goes on in Israel has to do with dreams for a bright future.

It is not one dream for the future – but multi-faceted dreams, even conflicting dreams that create the mosaic that is the State of Israel.  This video paints that mosaic perfectly – a work of art that says it all about why so many people love Israel.

The Next Generation

This short glimpse of the future of the State of Israel will endear the State of Israel to anyone willing to open their eyes and hearts to the beauty of the next generation of Israel.

Children are the best interviewees.  They don’t hold back anything and say it like it really is.  Even when they say rather childish statements, the purity of their souls serves as a refreshing reminder for all of us.

These children in the video remind us that Israel has a very bright future!

Published: August 27, 2017
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