If You Don’t Feel The Power Of Jerusalem After Watching This, Watch Again

Watching IDF soldiers entering the Lions’ Gate to the old city of Jerusalem, and reaching the holiest place for the Jewish People to which they had been denied access for so long, is truly one of the most moving sights. Opposites come together. Soldiers, trained in war, entering a city whose name is “Peace” and crying. The Jewish Nation prayed for centuries to return to this place and be allowed to worship their God in freedom, peace, and tranaquility.

The old city of Jerusalem is something that unites all Jews. Rabbis and nonobservant Jews, European and Middle Eastern Jews, old and young, all standing and listening to the ancient voice of the shofar (ram’s horn), whose spellbinding sound had been banned from that area for centuries. This is the place towards which all Jewish prayers were directed for thousands of years. A non-Jewish soldier serving in the IDF, who spent the Shabbat day in the old city of Jerusalem with other officers-in-training, put it best: “This strength (of unity) you all get from this place. from Jerusalem, from the Western Wall.”

There are many incredible, beautiful , and moving sights to see in Jerusalem. Yet none can hold a candle to this very special place.

Published: November 10, 2016
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