One of the most popular songs in Israel right now

Another Friday, breathing the air,
Light and shadow are playing “tag” again.
The table is set, childhood photos on the wall,
White processions are returning from shul,
And that smell which scratches my heart-
Sneaking in and opening doors
To a small joy, to the same old song
which is being passed along for generations.

Small gifts
Someone has sent me small gifts
Shrapnels of intent, circles of belief
Small gifts –
Such as the strength to accept what I lack and what I possess
What more can one ask for?

Another Friday- balcony and newspaper,
The sun, like worries, is slowly being erased,
Simple melodies crawl through the window
and there is no longer any storm which can hide the silence.

Small gifts –
Someone has sent me small gifts…

For thou hast chosen us and sanctified us…
Blessed art thou, G-d, sanctifier of the Sabbath.

Published: January 17, 2017
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