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Our Beautiful Land

A light, refreshing video about the wonders of Israel. Filmed throughout Central and Southern Israel, this video leaves no one feeling emotionally unaffected.

Anyone who has been to this magical country will instantly recognize the views that make their hearts beat a little faster and make them truly feel at home. Anyone who hasn’t will be enamored by the gorgeous sights and be inspired to reevaluate any preconceptions of Israel that don’t account for its beauty and its spirit.

Israel pre-1967

Many people think that from the time Israel was founded in 1948 until today, it has grown amazingly.  However, in truth, the first couple of decades of the State of Israel were really tough.  The Land of Israel experienced exponential population growth.  But that also led to severe food shortages.

Israel needed to appoint a special Minister to handle the rationing of food.  Things were anything but smooth.  Israel’s early leadership was rather socialist.  This presented many problems to anyone who was not part of the ruling party.  The country did not develop too many amazing things in it’s first 2 decades.

But there were exceptions.  The National Water carrier project brought water from the North down to the Negev.  In addition, Israel did develop excellent fighting skills to ward off and respond to terrorists.

1967 Onward

The turning point came after the Six Day War in 1967.  All of a sudden, Israel became a regional superpower with a first-rate and tested army.  Even the semblance of calmness in the region allowed Israel to devote more energies towards building up economically.

That’s exactly what happened.  Israeli ingenuity on the battlefield turned into Israeli ingenuity in labs and hi-tech fields.  One invention or creative idea followed the next, and before long, everyone began to label Israel as the Start-Up Nation.

A by-product of this are the beautiful buildings that dot Israel’s cities.

Israel’s spirit is perhaps at the heart of the modern-day miracle, but it is reflected in the beautiful Land captured by the camera.

Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 36 votes