Palestinian Arab Truthteller Reveals: Israel is Paradise for the Arabs, Jordan is the True Apartheid State!

Here are some key quotes:
“Palestinian Arabs have more rights in Israeli jails than Palestinian Arabs who are Jordanian citizens!”

“Israel is paradise for the Palestinian Arabs. Jordan is the true apartheid state!”

“The Kerry peace plan is suicide for Israel!”

“Palestinian Arabs are 80% of the Jordanian population, the USA shouldn’t be giving Jordan $55 Billion to Jordan for Palestinian Arab refugees, they are already citizens of Jordan!”

This is must see interview that you MUST watch!

It is up to all of us to SPREAD this video far and wide. Forward it on to your Congressman, Senators and local journalists!!! The truth must be heard, not from an Israeli, not even from a Jew, but from a Palestinian Arab leader who knows everything!!!

Published: February 11, 2014
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