Palestinian Offical: We Would Use Nukes Against Israel! That’s Peace?

This isn’t some joe shmoe! He was a Palestinian Authority official – and treated by the world, and Israel as a “moderate” who wants to make peace with Israel! And yet he says that he wants to destroy Israel – that is a moderate Palestinian Arab leader!

CBS News describes Jibril Rajoub in its bio as “Rajoub, a moderate, was a longtime player in peace talks and truce negotiations with Israel.”

The New York Times wrote of him as, “the West Bank security chief, who is known as one of the more moderate and pragmatic Palestinian officials.”

Remember, what they say to the world politicians and media isn’t important, what’s critical is what they say in Arabic to their own people!!! Thank you Palestinian Media Watch for providing such important materials!

Published: May 22, 2013
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