Palestinian Terrorist Tries To Kill Israeli Soldier (Warning: Violent Content)

This terrorist attack took place a few weeks ago.

Their lightening-fast reflexes prevented a much larger attack. The Palestinian Arabs claim that they are using their “natural response” to kill innocent Israelis. This claim is complete nonsense. Firstly, there is NO Palestinian people. They never existed. They were invented a few decades ago, and in fact, when the region was called “Palestine”, there was no Palestinian national identity. In fact, the Palestinian football team from 70 years ago was Jewish! The Palestine Post newspaper from 70 years ago was Jewish! The arabs who lived in Palestine at the time did not have any national Palestinian identity. They were simply arabs who happened to live in a region that was called “Palestine”. And Jews lived in the same region, who for THOUSANDS of years have dreamed ofreturnnig to their biblical homeland. Secondly, it is NOT a “natural response” to kill innocent men, women, and children! It is not a “national response” to slit their throats or rape or sneak into their bedrooms at night and kill them. It is not a natural response to walk up to a border control checkpoint and try to kill the officer. How many people are angry at Canada, and so drive to the USA-Canada border to kill border control officers? NONE! Because it’s not a natural response. A natural response is not to kill. A natural response is to contact the Palestinian government, launch rallies, and demand the Palestinian leaders stops stealing billions of dollars from Palestinian Arabs, and give them basic civil rights. That is a natural response.

Published: October 9, 2016
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