“Palestinian” terrorists attack American delegation that came to Bethlehem for a conference

Once again the world is reminded at the crybaby attitude of the invented cause called “Palestine.” The USA is one of the biggest donors to the Palestinian Authority, via direct aid, via UNRWA, USAID projects etc. Yet, the Palestinian Arabs, who we call “fakestinians,” are always biting the hand that is feeding it!

According to Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber president Samir Hazboun, the (US) delegation had brought with them an independent expert to conduct a workshop on digital marketing, when the event was disrupted by the protesters. The training session was being held for local business people to upgrade their skills in digital commerce.

“We hosted an American expert on this issue,” Hazboun told Reuters. “Some people who have been trying to express their point of view and protest the American decision regarding Jerusalem and the political situation . . . interrupted the workshop and we stopped the workshop,” he said.

Here the United States was sending business experts to help Arab businessmen, yet instead of taking advantage of the expertise and advice to help them with their businesses, they protest and chase the US experts from the workshop.

As if that is not enough, as you can see in the video, they then attack the delegation’s cars by throwing tomatoes and other objects, as they drove away.

As if that does not show the true feelings of “appreciation” the fakestinian Arabs have for the United States, they also have been burning effigies of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

This demonstration took place in Bethlehem, where they “executed” and torched effigies of President Trump and Vice President Pence in protest of the U.S. Freeze on UNRWA Funding.

This was a demonstration organized by Fatah activists in the Aida Refugee Camp, north of Bethlehem, on January 27, where they held a mock trial was for U.S. President Trump and VP Mike Pence, protesting the U.S. freeze on its aid to UNRWA. After the reading of the “verdict,” nooses were placed around the necks of Trump and Pence effigies, which were hoisted in the air and then torched. Footage shows one demonstrator beating the Trump effigy with a shoe. One of the signs held by demonstrators reads: “Zionism = Nazism = fascism. USA = ISIS = Terror.” Footage from the demonstration aired on Alghad TV, and was posted by the Palestinian News Network (PNN) on Facebook.

Published: February 4, 2018
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