Pat Condell Just Ended The #1 Debate Going on in the World Right Now

Pan Condell, writer, polemicist, and former stand-up comedian, has had enough.

And who could blame him? Born in Ireland and raised England, Condell has watched as the large influx of Muslim immigrants have more and more influence over his country.

In North London, a radical Islamic activist (just out of jail for supporting terror) is intent on creating a “Shariah Controlled Zone.”

In this London neighborhood, alcohol, gambling, drugs, music, smoking and homosexuality, and men and women mixing in public is banned and punishable.

He claims that this is just the beginning.

Ultimately this policy will spread throughout London and to the rest of the country.

In Birmingham, many schools have come under Muslim control.

Girls are made to wear veils and sit at the back of the class, and students are being called to Muslim prayer over the school loudspeakers.

Democracy? Tolerance? Pat Condell isn’t quite sure.

Does anything that Arab terrorists do have anything to do with Islam?

The only book that is making the world more dangerous than anything else is called a Koran. Yes. This needs to be said loud and clear.

Published: November 6, 2016
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