Pesach 2016 Activities in Jerusalem

We thought the best way to find out the exciting opportunities available in Jerusalem during the Pesach holiday would be to live vlog it! Watch the videos below, and click on the links, to find out about lots of family activity opportunities in Jerusalem during Chol Hamoed Pesach.

3D Street Art Exhibition

Downtown Jerusalem is filled with these 3D street art exhibits to enjoy while walking through town.


GeekPicNic with Robots and Technology at Gan Sachar

This looks amazing for kids of all ages as well as adults!

Jerusalem Neighborhood Activities

Activities in the Shlomtzion Hamalka Neighborhood

Delicious food at Shraga Cafe, here in Jerusalem! And they will be having a special kosher for Pesach glutenfree meal options!!!!

Activities in the Nachalat Shiva/Yoel Solomon Area

Music, yoga, Latin-American dancing and other fun stuff taking place here!

Activities on Bezalel Street/Shatz Area

If your kids love to draw, this is a great opportunity for them!


Delicious Food at Nocturno on Bezalel Street
image1 (1)

Activities for all ages at the Tower of David Museum

Scavenger hunt, arts and crafts activities, special tours not open the rest of the year, and more!


Activities at the City of David

Including free tours of the Kidron valley!


Once in Jerusalem, you can’t miss visiting the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall.


Published: April 20, 2016
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