Political Correctness is Destroying America

This is really a problem. America can either keep it’s citizens safe from radical violent Muslims or remain politically correct. It seems that the word “islamophobia” implies that fear of Muslims or Islam in any form is irrational and racist. Quite noble and logical until you consider that all terror in the world (and lately there’s been quite a bit of it) is based in fundamentalist Islam. Read the list of the designated terrorist organizations. Of aproximately 150 organziations, you can count the number of non-Islamic terror groups on one hand. Maybe we are justified in being wary of radical Islamic groups and their members. Not only do they have an excellent track record of violence and killing (perhaps we should say “beheadings”?) their religious leaders preach violence and murder of infidels. Infidels are all of us non-Muslims. That’s a lot of killings.
I must admit. I am an infidel with Islamophobia who plans on remaining so until Islam preaches love instead of hate towards people with different religious beliefs than their own.

Published: September 30, 2014
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