Powerful new music video perfectly captures our deep yearning for Jerusalem

By the rivers of Malibu; There we sat (and) also wept; When we remembered Zion. Not the exact quote of King David, but the perfect modern-day premise for this must-watch music film. A friend of the groom “forgets Jerusalem” by not taking a wedding ritual seriously. That takes him on a journey where he can’t forget the Holy City wherever he looks. His visions represent the fight of our nation for living in the eternal capital of the Jewish people. His trippy stroll also flashes with holy visions that bring his soul closer to its routes.

Watch till the end to see it all come together. And treat yourself to a short and funny behind the scenes following the credits.

Lyrics Translation:
By the rivers of Babylon
There we sat (and) also wept
When we remembered Zion

If I will forget you Jerusalem
My right hand will forget (its skill)
My tongue will stick to the roof of my mouth
If I will not remember you
If I will not raise Jerusalem
Above my happiness

The song is from the popular Micha Gamerman album called Micha Avdecha. Micha is a big Jewish superstar in South America and is slowly rising in popularity throughout the world.

The video was directed by Mendy Pellin. A famous filmmaker and comedian, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

Published: December 4, 2016
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