PRC Spokesman Admits that Hamas Allows Attacks Against Israel

To many, this might not be important, but to many opinion-makers in the world this information should make a difference. Officially, the world press is attributing the hundreds of rockets that are being launched in Gaza to terrorize innocent Israeli civilians to extreme terror groups, therefore NOT placing blame on the ruling Hamas party. Hense, we do not hear the world pressuring the Hamas to stop the rockets attacks. However, this video shows that the Hamas are 100% in control of the situation and allowing the rocket attacks. This is a well known Arab decoy trick – have small extreme groups take responsability for murderous attacks so that the official ruling organizations get off scott free! It is time the world wakes up to this charade. Today it is happening in Israel, but if the world lets it continue, it will also be the modus-operandi in Europe and the USA.

Published: March 12, 2012
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