President Trump was openly lied to by Mahmoud Abbas and here is the proof

Mahmoud Abbas looked straight at President Trump and lied straight to his face.  Abbas repeatedly affirmed that he was raising the Palestinian children to pursue peace. He lied again and again.  Watch and decide for yourself.

Listen to him in Arabic

What he says in Arabic to his people is what matters.  Everything that Mahmoud Abbas says in English is simply a show. Whenever he meets with foreign leaders, he simply puts on a show in order to appear like a moderate.

The terrorist with a tie.  This is an excellent description of Mahmoud Abbas.  He is a Holocaust denier, and has spent most of his adult life performing terrorist activities.

His doctoral dissertation was basically a conspiracy theory about the relationship between Nazis and Zionists.  He actually blamed Zionist agitation for causing the Holocaust.  This is the distorted mind of the leader of the struggle against the State of Israel.

Clarion Project

This Washingot D.C. based non-profit is amazing.  They produce films that are game-changers in terms of public opinion.

One of those films, “Obsession:Radical Islam’s War Against the West” is perhaps their most controversial film.  But, it is a must-see.  If one would like to argue that their films are anti-Muslim propaganda, first they must watch the films and then decide.  Most people who watch the films may think twice before they support open immigration after watching Clarion Project films.

For more quality films like this one, see

Published: May 29, 2017
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