Putin’s Secret Message to Obama he Thought Wouldn’t get Out

Andrew Klavin from the Revolting Truth is deeply puzzled by the seeming lack of communication between US president Baraq Obama and Soviet president Vladimir Putin. Obama would like to have good relations with Putin. Putin seems to be ignoring Obama completely. This does not appear to be an international catastrophe, however, it does give the impression that the second-term US president is a fool. Which in turn creates a bad image for the US.
What is truly troubling about this parody of a misconstrued relationship between two world leaders is the fact that Obama seems to have difficulty identifying his true friends. Israel has been a real friend to America since it’s inception,and, yet, Obama hasn’t really grasped that. He keeps making ovations to Moslem countries that would like to wipe Israel off the map.
When school aged children act like this, trying to make friends with kids that aren’t interested in being friends with them, that belittle them, we sigh and say “Oh – they’ll grow out of it. It’s peer pressure/immaturity/lack of self esteem or self awareness.” When the president of the United States acts like that, it’s an embarrassment.

Published: November 29, 2014
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