Rare color footage of the Nazis and their crimes against the Jews [disturbing content]

This video of the devil on earth – in full color – is absolutely critical to view.

Hitler’s plans to systematically destroy the entire Jewish nation was so beyond the imagination of so many that the idea of anti-semitism going from occasional pogroms to massive killing and then a systematic killing of all Jews was simply beyond anything that could be imagined.

This is a very important point to learn for the future.

What is unfathomable can indeed become reality.

We need to understand that without proper power by the forces of good in this world, the forces of evil can and will do the most horrible things.

Human nature is only inclined to doing good if it is educated and brought up with belief in the existence of an objective good and objective evil.

This will only happen if people accept that there exists a God and that He is not just an outside observer, but an active participant in this world.

The Nazi ideology has its origins in racial theories that believed in white supremacy and the Aryan race being the ideal of all white races.

In addition, these man-made philosophies believed in maintaining the “purity” of the Aryan race and the “parasitic” Semitic culture.

Due to the fact that there were many Jews in Germany who succeeded financially, and the German people were hit hard with near economic collapse following World War I, the racist idea that the Jews were the cause of the Germans both entering and losing World War I took root.

A typical feature of anti-semitic ideology is that the Jews are blamed for contradictory things.

They were both fascists and anti-fascists, communists and capitalists – the common denominator being that they were the root cause of all evil.

In William Brustein’s, Roots of Hate: Anti-Semitism in Europe Before the Holocaust, he asserts that in 1908, there were twenty-nine wealthy German families – who’s total net worth was up to 55 million marks at the time. Of these, only five were Jewish. However, the Rothschilds were among them and they were the second wealthiest German family.

So, it wasn’t hard to use simple resentment of the wealthy to fuel racial resentment.

The results are here to see – in full color.

Published: February 8, 2018
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