Remembering a special girl who was murdered by terrorists

Do you remember Hadar Buchris Hy”d?

Hadar Buchris Hy”d was a young lady full of spirit and life. Her smile and her laugh were an integral part of her being.
Hadar loved to sing and was a natural-born actress. She had an impact on so many lives. Hadar lived life to its fullest. She fearlessly approached life’s biggest challenges.
Hadar was stabbed to death by a terrorist who attacked her at the Gush Etzion traffic junction. The story of her short and meaningful life must be told for her sake and ours.

In eleventh grade, Hadar transferred to Ulpenat Nov, a school that was like home to her, a place that nourished her and taught her to embrace life.
We wish to continue her legacy there by helping other girls to blossom and overcome their challenges.
We intend to establish a music room where the girls can sing, play music and flourish. We will forever sing the songs of Hadar’s spirit.

Now, from the time between Hadar’s birthday until the day of the anniversary of her murder, we are asking for your help in buying musical instruments for Hadar’s room at Ulpenat Nov.
The cost of creating the room is 330,000 Israeli shekels (US $80,000). Any donation, large or small, will help us meet our goal. Please help us to memorialize Hadar and, at the same time, assist many other girls like her.
Start your own fundraising page with your individual target, and together we will raise the required amount.

Please click here to donate:

Published: November 9, 2016
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