Retracing the Arc of the Tabernacle

Have you ever wondered where the Ark of the Tabernacle (or Ark of the Covenant) was kept during the time it accompanied the Jewish nation?

Visit Shiloh, the first site of the Tabernacle after the Jews crossed over the Jordan.

Constructed during the Israelites’ wanderings in the desert and used until the destruction of the First Temple, the Ark, as noted on Jewish Virtual Library, was the most important symbol of the Jewish faith, and served as the only physical manifestation of God on earth.

The Tabernacle at Shiloh remained in place for nearly 400 years during which time the Ark of the Covenant was taken by the Philistines after winning a battle against the Jewish army in 1094.

The Philistines then brought the Ark through its territory, but after suffering plaques and destruction, realized that they must let the Ark go. They mounted the Ark on a cart with two oxen and sent it back to Jewish-controlled territory.

The Ark remained in the Temple until its destruction at the hand of the Babylonian empire, led by Nebuchadnezzar. What happened to it afterward is unknown, and has been debated and pondered for centuries.



Published: September 14, 2017
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