Revealed: What ISIS fighters are doing in the Golan Heights on the Israeli Border

While the war in Syria is often referred to as the Syrian Civil War, Journalist Avi Melamed makes abundantly clear that this war is anything but.

The battle for Syria includes numerous fighters such as Syrian forces, Sunni Syrians that form different rebel groups, non-Syrian Sunni militants from Western countries, Hezbollah, Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani Shi’ite forces, in addition to ISIS, Iranian, Russian, and Turkish forces.

ISIS does not at present form a strategic threat to Israel. But ISIS is a threat to Jordan, whose leadership the terror group wants to topple. Since Jordan sits on Israel’s eastern border, ISIS would become an enormous threat to Israel if it did indeed manage to conquer Jordan.

The biggest threat to Israel, at present, is Iran, which is helping to prop up the Syrian regime. As long as Israel succeeds in keeping Iran away from its border and from establishing a permanent base in Syria, the threat can be contained. Let’s hope Israel succeeds!


Published: June 8, 2017
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