Sarah Palin Just Used the Left’s Views on ISIS to Prove that Liberal Feminism is a Scam

In the background of this interview with Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska is a question that needs to be plastered on billboards across America. Why aren’t feminist activists speaking out against ISIS, Shariya law and their brutal and horrific violations of human rights and women’s rights?
According to MEMRI and UK Mirror Online that 3,000 Iraqi women have been taken captive in the last two weeks by the terror group ISIS. Sources submit that members of the all-women al-Khanssaa Brigade in Raqqa, Syria, are running brothels to satisfy the fighters’ desires. They are pimping the non-Muslim women/girls out to ISIS terrorists to please the savage beasts.
A betrayal of their gender and of all humanity.
So – where are the feminist activists? Could it be that they don’t care? How can this situation be tolerated by a true feminist? Yet there is no voice; not a sound has been emitted by any women’s rights organizations? What is everyone waiting for? Maybe when Shariya law comes to the Western World?

Published: October 25, 2014
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