See With Your Own Eyes The Complete Collapse of American Leadership

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Is anyone awake? When do you think the bloodshed will end? You have no idea? It’s perhaps justified? We’re doing a good job containing it? Hmmm….

When the media and political leaders don’t really know who the “bad guys” are; when the headlines in the New York Times on November 22 (the day that three Palestinians attempted to stab Israelis one Israeli woman was killed, and the terrorists were killed in self defense) read “1 Israeli and 3 Palestinians killed in attacks in West Bank”; when you’re afraid to look evil in the face and call it “bad”; then morality starts to become meaningless. Terrorists and victims are all on the same moral ground and what’s important is that, unfortunately, they died. The reason that they died, whether they were stabbed, run down or shot by an unprovoked terrorist or killed by a civilian defending lives of innocent people is completely irrelevant.

Which means, that terror is as legitimate as killing one’s attacker in self defense. And don’t think that the jihadists aren’t paying attention.

Published: March 18, 2016
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