Shocking! 8 Year Olds Muslim Arabs Caught on Way to Terrorist Attack!

This took place at the end of October.

Thank G-d for thermal security cameras that alerted the authorities to the threat of these 8 year old boys at night with knives!

IDF Spokesman Peter Lerner:
“I was shocked by this report that I received this evening. The initial report came with the pictures of two young boys and two knives.

Here’s what happened. Earlier this evening forces identified and apprehended two Palestinians near the (Jewish) community of Migdal Oz. During the apprehension, we were surprised by the young age of the perpetrators. In the initial questioning, they admitted that they were sent, armed with knives, in order to carry out a terror attack.

When two 8 year old children are sent on a mission to attack Israeli civilians it is clear that the hateful rhetoric that echoes within Palestinian society abuses even the most vulnerable of minds.
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Published: October 27, 2016
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