Shocking video shows U.S. soldiers gunned down at Jordan military base

American soldiers are in the Middle East in a few different spheres. Much of what they are doing is training locals to fight against the more radical elements in the region.

In this very unpredictable part of the world, friendly forces killing allies is a tragic, yet not rare occurrence.

The real question is whether or not the “friendly fire” was indeed friendly.

The text by Jim Moriarty’s upload of the video at the memorial service says the following:

“There was no provocation, no warning given and no mercy. My son’s last words to the gunman was “Stop, we are Americans, we are friends.” Because of his extensive Special Forces training, he was able to communicate in Arabic to the Jordanian soldier who then continued the attack against my son and the sole survivor. None of the Jordanian soldiers who were with the troops lifted a finger to help. None of the Jordanian soldiers who were at the guard shack lifted a finger to help and when Americans came on to the chaotic scene shortly after the shooting, the Jordanian soldiers fired warning shots at them to keep them from coming to the aid of our dying sons.

American taxpayers paid for the weapon used to kill our soldiers. American taxpayers paid for the body armor worn by the killer and even the bullets used to kill our boys. My son was armed only with a pistol and the will to fight yet he and the survivor stood their ground and protected each other.

Our country gives the King of Jordan more than $1,500,000,000 PER year in aid. His own tribesman murders these three Americans and NO ONE from Jordan has accepted ANY responsibility for the murder of these three men. My son chose to enlist in the Army following his graduation from his beloved University of Texas. He chose to go through more than two years of the most arduous training in our military so that he could proudly don the Green Beret. He died serving with men he loved, doing a job he loved, supporting a country he loved but he never even considered that he would be murdered by an ally.”

Published: July 27, 2017
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