Siren and Explosions in Ashdod, Israel Following Gaza Rocket Bombing

Millions of Israelis down south had to spend the weekend in shelters because of the constant bombing from Gaza.

The Times of Israel reports that Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN asked the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council late Sunday night to condemn the ongoing firing of rockets into Israeli cities.

One would think that the United Nations would of course condemn the shooting of rockets on innocent civilians, but no, that would be too much to ask from an international institution aimed at bringing world peace and limiting human rights abuses. They mostly only condemn Israel for actions it takes to defend itself against Muslim terrorists. The UN hardly even condemns human rights abuses of Arab or Muslim countries against Arab or Muslim populations!

Haim Waxman the deputy ambassador to the UN wrote in his letter, sent to members of the security council as well as Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, that “over the past two days over 150 rockets have been launched, and more than a million citizens live under a constant threat.” The letter stated that the international community and security council must do all they can to stop the firing of rockets.


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