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Supernatural Israel

How is it possible that a tiny nation who once lived and roamed in a barren desert land and for thousands of years knew only of wars, slavery, persecution and destruction has now become one of the most innovative countries, prosperous economies and strongest militaries in the world?

What is the secret to this country who has endured so much tribulation but has now become a powerhouse of inventions, a leading first responder to global humanitarian need, a world game-changer and a light to the nations?


Yes – this definitely is part of the answer.  Israeli soldiers needed a whole lot of that as they fought in the early Wars of Israel.  Outnumbered and with far less weaponry, young Israeli fighters simply had no choice.  They had to make do.  This required more than just chutzpah, but that was definitely part of it.

Culture of Creativity

The saying, “necessity is the mother of all invention” most certainly applies to Israel.  There has never been a time that Israel did not have a major need.  When security was the #1 problem in Israel, the IDF came up with all kinds of anti-terrorist ideas.  These are now copied worldwide.  When water shortages affected the country, Israel developed drip irrigation and desalination plants.  These technologies are now used all over the world. When wounded soldiers could not get back on their feet, an Israeli company created the Re-Walk technology.

Light Unto the Nations – Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled

Yes, today, we can definitely say that Israel is a Light Unto the Nations.  Perhaps that was not the main goal that every innovator had when they developed a new product.  But the net result is impressive.  And yes, it is a fulfillment of ancient prophecies in the Bible.

Published: August 6, 2018
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This video has 247 votes