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Surprising Jewish Themed Flash Mob in Buenos Aires Airport

Published: January 1, 2013
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The day Israel tore the United Nations to shreds

Chaim Herzog silenced the UN with this epic speech.

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The Christian Holocaust in the Middle East is Happening Right Now (Graphic)

While the whole world remains silent, this is your chance to speak up.

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The Film That Uncovers What is Really Happening in Mosques Across The UK

You won't believe what 'Western' Islamic leaders say when they don't know the cameras are watching.

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ברוק גולדשטיין: הסכסוך של הערבים עם ישראל הוא מלחמת דת

הפגיעה באזרחים ישראלים מקורה בציוויים הדתיים של האסלאם ולא בגלל שאיפתם של הערבים למדינה וחופש

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When times get tough, Israelis know how to make it better

Arab violence will not stop us from celebrating in Jerusalem!

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The Power Of Hebrew

Share on FacebookTweet Whatsapp Halleluya. Praised be G-d says King David in his famous psalms in the book pictured above. Halleluya is a Hebrew word, a synthesis of two words “hallelu” (praise) and “Ya” (G-d). Hebrew seems to be the oldest language that refers to God and theology. In fact, according to Jewish tradition, Hebrew […]

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